Will using Glassfy automatically update the subscription in the app?


I’m creating an app with freemium and premium content. In addition I might like to add in-add purchases later on but I’m less concerned about that for now.

User signup is not required for the freemium content however user signup will be required (Application users DB) when they buy a subscription for the premium content.

I noticed we have the integration with Glassfy, which is great.

My questions are:

When someone purchases a subscription, how will the system know to grant access to the user in Application users db? Is the only way to currently do that with code? The same would be needed to revoke access based on subscription cancellation.

Thanks in advance.

You will need to connect to Glassfy. Then create your products. Then create new screens where paid access will be enabled

Do the subscribers get added to the customer database via the Glassfy signup or do I need to add Glassfy code?

The code is already implemented, you only need to get an account

Ok. That sounds promising and I will try it out. :grinning: