What component do you need?

hello everyone, I have a question for users, what component do you personally lack? Maybe I implement it. Thanks


chat, wordpress user synchronization, journal, :slight_smile:

Thanks for offering Sir,

for me, quite important one is PDF reader component as can help create apps with documents read feature easy,

as now, some of my apps that is currently building is using flipreader like https://anyflip.com/

which had ads appearing (users not comfortable with that)

Hope you can consider it


tell me more please.

Thanks, I will consider your suggestion.


when someone registers in the application, they also register on wordpress and vice versa. when he changes the password, it is synchronized in wordpress and in the application and vice versa

I don’t have enough barcode generator, qr codes. It can be used as a ticket, pass, discount card. In the last version, I bought a component from Stone… I don’t remember. And a barcode reader. To search for products in the database, get web links, pay…

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the idea is interesting, but it needs to edit an existing component. I will definitely think about the best way to implement this

great idea, but you need to wait for the “commerce” component to come out in order to implement all this. at this stage, you can just make a qr code generator, but will it make sense.


one more sir,

in the signup,

Can we have another extra field (not required to use)
to any either text or number field in the ‘Register User Form’ Database Section

In real case, some app that built might need extra field in signup such as have ‘Phone Number’ (Number Field) and we can change to any name of it

or maybe if not putting at register user form can add to update profile which have that extra field to put on

Can u check and consider?


do you need custom fields in the registration form?

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Yes sir. is that possible?

custom fields with any options (dropdown) to select such as text. numbers and etc