Webview Component Improvements

At the request of our user, we have added the ability to use macros from the database for use in the Webview component.

Now there is no need to add many components and new screens :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope you enjoy this implementation for building your dynamic links and thanks to @Vaibhav :point_left: for the idea


This is working great. This makes me think in what other places using macros would be possible? One possible place I see is In the row list component we have filter feature, is it possible to use macros here to filter? Scenario- In the above example I have another colum in my webview table which specifies type of the link (Educational, Entertainment etc), Now I can create another table with this unique type values and use it in the row list component. Now when user clicks on one of the type say educational then in my current row list component for url shows only educational links.
This can make our apps and component more interactive.

@zufarmarwah Zufar any ideas about this?