Webapp links no longer visible

I know we had this issue a while back with the old canvas when it first launched and I had to issue occur again today when trying to build a webapp. It says it is completed and it does not show links or a finish time. I checked the queue and there are no builds in queue. Here is a screen snippet.

this sometimes happens if some settings are not made on the application screens, unfortunately at the moment not all errors are fixed in the system

Quick update: Adding a background image and color to a text box caused this issue. Maybe one needs to automatically disappear when the other is enabled or it needs to be looked at. Once I remove the text box and used it without them both the issue resolved.

that’s why we invited testers, but unfortunately we received little feedback, now the platform is publicly available and we will return to bug fixes instead of improvements.

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On another note how do i get a image and a text box to stay flush edge to edge, they want to create a space between them no matter what i do.

Heres what Im trying to do:

And heres what it does:

I’m not sure if the last 2 questions relate to this topic, please open a new topic for this.