Version 2.1.2 (release) 2023-10-16


Changes and fixes for layout version 3.0 (with import from Figma):

  1. Fixed a bug in editing a profile and uploading a photo
  2. Added a macro for the profile image selection button
  3. Fixed a bug when displaying a list
  4. Added #macro to support list loading after scrolling
  5. Internal #macros have been added to the list for display during the loading process, as well as for indicating an empty list
  6. In the profile, authorization and registration forms, a check for the correctness of E-mail input and #container macros have been added, which will be displayed in case of incorrect input
  7. Added #macro for the search string in the list. More details can be found in the documentation.
  8. Added #macro for displaying Google maps
  9. Added #macro for displaying a calendar for an entry in the Appointments module
  10. Added #macro for slider output
  11. Added container and #macro for managing transition logic for authorized and unauthorized users.

In the demo template example, new options for lists and search input fields have been added.

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