Version 2.0.6 (release) 2023-06-16

New in this version:

Backup and Restore

We have added the ability to save all the settings of your application to an archive and restore it from the archive at any time. You can restore a copy from either a downloaded ZIP archive or a copy stored on the server.

Import and Export of the Application

Using the Backup feature, you can not only save and restore your application but also copy it. Simply create an archive, download it, then switch to another application and upload the downloaded archive there. All settings, connections, and files will be transferred.

Template System

We have updated the system for working with ready-made templates for system administrators. It is now available for the new version of layouts. You can build your own gallery of ready-to-use templates and offer it to your users.

Default Templates

Previously, new applications created after transitioning to the new layout system were empty, without any pages. Starting from this release, when creating a new application, you have the following options:

  • Create a new application from scratch (an application with default pages will be created)
  • Create a new application from a template (you will be offered a choice of ready-made templates)
  • Create a new application from your own archive (you can upload your previously made application backup)

Ability to Combine Data Source Fields in Component Configuration for “List” Components

We have expanded data output in components such as “Row List,” “Card List,” and “Avatar List” by replacing rigid field bindings with macro substitution. Starting from this release, you can combine multiple fields in a single block, providing more flexibility when displaying information on the screen.

Data Sources now Available in Editing Mode

Starting from this release, if a component of the “List” type uses a database connection, real data is displayed in the editing mode instead of field names.

New “Accordion” Component

We have added a new “Accordion” component. It can work with both database binding and display custom data. The component offers settings for colors, styles, images, icons, and user event reactions.

Fixes and changes:

  1. The deprecated sidebar menu has been disabled.
  2. SDK Update (No Reinstallation Required)
  3. Fixed Issue with Displaying Empty Values in Database Management
  4. Fixes for Identified Component Issues
  5. ChatGPT Component Update for Improved Usability
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