Version 1.3.6 (release) 2022-11-17

Attention! It is important! After the update you need:

  • Re-install IONIC SDK
  • Re-install Gradle
  • Update Java to 11 via SSH or your Hosting Admin Panel


  1. Removed placeholder in profile and registration forms
  2. Updated gradle to version 7.3
  3. Added in-app purchases using the service
  4. Updated to version 7
  5. Now it is possible to download ionic sources for self-development, this feature is tied to the tariff plan
  6. Fixed a bug in setting up custom fields in the user profile
  7. Changed domain for receiving updates
  8. In the constructor, in the page properties, you can set accessibility according to different criteria: by purchased subscription, by the value of a custom field in the user profile, by authorization status.
  9. Fixed a bug when resetting the user’s password in the application
  10. Attention! java version raised to 11- please update it via SSH or your Hosting Admin Panel

To activate in-app purchases, you need to make settings. You can read about it in our help section.


A small instruction for subscriptions in the application here