Version 1.2.4 (release) 2022-08-24

Change log:
  • Fixed a bug in the “Image” component
  • The “Text” component supports macros for displaying values from the database
  • AirTable integration will now correctly display entries in the list of bases.
  • The list of supported currencies has been completely redesigned, correct formatting of values has been added to plans
  • Fixed a bug when importing a template - now the data from the database is filled in correctly, the links of the start page are put down correctly
  • Fixed a bug in the work of the lowcode editor
  • In the components “Image”, “Text”, “HTML code”, “Google Maps”, macros from the database can be used as values

New features

  • New “HTML Code” component
  • New component “List Avatar” - the component supports working with databases, it can also work in slider mode.
  • The “List Card” component received support for the slider mode.
  • We completely redesigned the “Card List” component, now it supports working with databases.
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