Top Banner Bar Removal

I would like to suggest a small change to the view port to allow for a little more room. The top banner and the preview button area could be removed and the preview button moved to the zoom menu. Here’s an image of what it currently looks like and the proposed change underneath it.

I think we could do without the bottom border as well. The viewport just feels small compared to most builders. You have the preview banner for the one button, then you have the navigation banner above it, followed by your url and shortcut banners followed by your browser tabs then the bottom banner with the copyright and saas version. Thats 5 layers that eat at your screen real estate. I use a 42" ultrawide monitor and it still feels cramped compared to adalo, glide, bubble, siberian, etc.

Here’s a before and after (so much more room):



I understand that top banner shows you which menu you are currently in, but so does the menu on the left (it is highlighted as selected).

I would even go as far as removing the login/logout border like this: