Template for a Quick Start

Ready-made screens with registration, authorization forms, account deletion request, profile setup

Download the archive here>>>

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Thanks Leslie,
Can we use it in app creation?

Yes, download the archive and start building your app. I set up all the necessary forms.

Setting up custom fields is located in the Users section

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Thanks, I will try… do I have to upload your archive, and where?

I know this sounds like I’m being an ass but this should be the start of every app as default. Adalo, Bubble, Glide all do this as soon as you start a new app. If the pages aren’t needed they can just be deleted by the user. Great job on this BTW. Does neone know if we can set it up to start with this everytime. Don’t allow for a choice.

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Download the archive here>>>

What problems? If you are a platform administrator, create your own templates and let your users use them

My platform is stuck in loading for the past week

Hello. I get error message as soon as I try to upload the zip file. It kicks me back to the previous page but also keeps loading like it’s trying to build the app. If I press next, it says it’s building he app, but it’s stuck. The app does not get built. Any idea why?

Hello Luis,

I checked the archive on Moxly, there are no problems with downloading

I agree there are no problems with downloading.

The problem is loading the file into Moxly. I does not work.