Simple List vs Simple Card List how to

In Simple List I can go to database and set the list values to reflect my database values, it’s great. The values even carry over from screen to screen which makes it amazing. I am wanting to do this in Simple Card List. I can set the card to match the database item but it only matches the first in the list everytime unlike the Simple List. How do I make the Simple Card List to display cards that match each item in the inventory individually? Here’s an example of each that I show.

In the 2nd image it just duplicates the same data where as the 1st one shows each item individually.


We have connected only a Row list to the database. We will add the Card list and the Avatar list to our cloud today (we end testing this components), and in the boxed versions, support will be in the next release.

How long does the SaaS owners have to wait for it?

First we test on our side, then we release a release for everyone

Can I test it like we did with the new canvas? I know you don’t have many people providing inout and I can’t seem to stop giving input.

of course, you have access and you can follow the new releases of components

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