Server shutdown

Hello! When im trying to change icon, my server shutdown. What can i do with this?

This is not a general issue, we don’t see bugs on the platform. I can’t give you an answer from the screenshot, you need more details, look specifically at the error in your editor.

When i enter to the menu with icons I get the following response from the server in cmd. I don’t know what to do. I don’t see any issues on my editor because server immediately turns off.

Are you trying to work locally?

I don’t trying to work locally. I connect to the server via the web and don’t physically know where server is.

Why are you showing a screenshot of testing between your computer and a virtual server? Firstly, it will not show us an error and your test has nothing to do with it, secondly - this test is just for you, there will be other tests from my personal computer, it all depends on the Internet provider.

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Maybe the problem is with a slow Internet or browser?

I have tried various systems win7-10, win server 12-16, ubuntu. I tried various browsers Edge, Chrome, Firefox from various providers Rostelecom, MTS,, Prostor telecom. From different ip addresses static and dynamic. At various speeds from 30 to 100mb. When accessing a specific item in the application designer, the server hangs for several minutes. It is not possible to connect to the server from another computer with a different ip, and published applications also stop working.

Why did you decide that you would be able to manage locally? The platform works only on VPS servers, you can use it locally on your computer only for development purposes, and not all components will work online.

The application is hosted on the NWIHOST server, not locally. Domain

You have confused everyone, write to support and provide access to the platform

The problem is solved, there is not enough disk space. The topic is closed.