Searching for guidance for lowcode integration

Hey Moxly’ers,

Nice to meet you all ! I’m new with Moxly, this app builder appears to be a game changer. I started doing some tests and it’s fine with the nocode part, perfect. It’s a bit more difficult for me on the lowcode side. I had a look at the doculentatio’et and videos available, but would there be some tutorial somewhere around third party api integration + the lowcode Portal usage (not really clear for me, I don’t understand what is the lowcode Portal ID field)?

Also, I created a test app using the Webview component to embed a webapp. It works fine excepted for 2 things : cookies / user sessions, and when a user disconnect the webapp, it’s weird but the logout workflow doesnot complete even if the user appears to be logged out. Any advice would be welcome too ! :blush:

Anyway, happy to be there !

Chris HK

Hi, check out the video

Cookies should not be displayed in the mobile application, please disable them in the site settings. Recommendations, make the mobile layout more user-friendly, don’t include a footer there, etc., this is not a website, this is an application


Make sure the app is closed. If you switch to another application, your webview application is still running in the background and the session and cookies are still active there.


Indeed, this is a test, need to check how to preserve both the web app and the apps embedding the web app.

Great to know, thanks !

Again about lowcode, is there some documentation of the lowcode section, mainly about the ngOn (init, destroy,…) sections or even about the way the header / before / after / footer sections interact with the lowcode part, and the page. For example, if my page contains à header component, what if I add html code in the lowcode / header section ?

I know all my questions may appear boring, but again, I’m very confident with Moxly and I just search for some guidance to really understand what and how I can achieve to correctly produce the apps I plan to produce, and why not some templates / apps to showcase Moxly.

I was a developer, long years ago, but know with tools such as Openai or askCodi, we can do lot of things in combination of Moxly. That’s my intention :wink:

The idea to use OpenAI is very good, I myself have been watching this service for a long time.

Now our programmer will free himself and tell you more about using the Low Code editor.
Later we will make detailed documentation

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