PWA to create SOPs for users

I would like to make a PWA where I can put SOPs

I see these SOPs as checklists that can be gone through by whoever has access to the app. And they can go through them independently of any other user.

Example: SOP for Uploading An Optimized YouTube Video
Task 1:
Task 2:
Task 3:…

I am giving access to this app for people in my group that want to create optimized YouTube videos and they will all be using it at different times.

Once all of the tasks in the SOP are completed I would like a reset SOP button so it unchecks all of the boxes so they can do it again the next time.

Just to start I only need 1 SOP but I would like to put a bunch in here that my customers/subscribers can use

I tried the todo list but each person puts in their own todo list where I want to set the todo list for each user without the ability to add more. I would also like it if I add a step then it will update the app everywhere.

Thank you

This is an interesting solution, but at the moment it is not feasible on Moxly

We need to refine some algorithms and actions in the database so that we can organize standard operations or business processes

We will add it to the roadmap