Possibilities with Database and Improvements

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year to all. wish everyone get more success this year

i have locked few high projects that will be using moxly appbuilder which will start to developed from scratch this months.

one project already midway.

There is few situation that need some opinion and idea,

  1. which need one features such social media wall where users can post question/status and other users can see the post and can react to it (at least reply)

How moxly see this logics and opinion of capability solve this idea with current database?
i haven’t try if airtable also can solve but i strongly love if moxly database components can handle this case situation

  1. currently, the search database components will only works if we are using it in same page with list view components.

is that possible the search components can do more and not rely with above situation as sometime search of database need to be use with macros database with flexibility of ui designs.

  1. i noticed in one app in development (already use more than 80 screens) that app pages section when click is loading very slow and worry that if can affects too inside app as my vps server spec is quite good

Can moxly include in roadmap to improve on speed inside appbuilder in above case and also improve app speed incase have any issue