Pins on map capablity, and user created in WordPress database


I’m looking for options to create an app for lost and found pets.

Users register, and then add listings for post pets, using their camera to take 4 photos, description, location and contact details.

The lost pet then appears as a pin on a local map, which geolocates, depending on the user location.

The user should be able to mark the pet as found, or another flag for adoption, set.

Also, when the user account is created in the app, a user account should be created in a WordPress website and or CRM, via a webhook or API. Preferably direct, and not with Zapier.

Is the above possible with Moxly, and Firebase database, or will be still have to use something like Xano or Backendless?

Many thanks for any guidance.




right now we are working on the possibility of connecting the API, it will be in the next release and your task will be solved. Stay in touch


Thanks Ruslan. Do you have a rough date estimate for the next release?

We plan to release a release approximately every 7-10 days with new features

Thanks. We look forward to the next release.

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