Personal barcode for discounts

EN: Assign to each user after registration and account confirmation - personal barcode
RU: Присваивать каждому пользователю после регистрации и подтверждения аккаунта - личный barcode

Where should this information be displayed? If you want to be able to scan it. where does the data go?

In the first version of NWICode, I bought a separate module (MigaStone virtualloyaltycard) in which the barcode was added by scanning. But the customers demanded that the card be assigned after registration. For myself, I did this (a complex process of getting from 1c8). The barcode is needed only for presentation, the entire algorithm works on another software from which it was obtained or to which the generated code was added. I would like to add it as a separate element to the page.

I asked this question because I understand that it should be possible not just to generate code, but also where and where this data will be displayed. As you understand, there are a lot of software and it will not work to transfer data in a universal way without API