Now in development

On November 21, our team, together with some testers, held a meeting where we discussed the most significant implementations in the platform in the near future.

So, what changes and improvements will be made:

  1. Canvas, we will improve the screens, add a grid component and a container. Screen settings will be placed in the right side menu (see example)

  1. Search Component,
  2. Editing a post
  3. User roles
  4. API Calls

These changes will appear gradually, we also continue to work with the components we have outlined in the roadmap


That’s good. When can we see Cname (custom domain) for web/pwa apps published?

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I agree. This is very important. Any company that takes themselves seriously wants their own domain on their app.

Moxly is great for native mobile apps but for web apps, it’s not ready or serious until custom domain is available.

Please Moxly, do not delay this.

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This is on our roadmap until we are ready to give a date as there are more important functionality priorities right now,
but we will try to take the time to implement custom domains as soon as possible

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I agree with you, but do not forget that initially we released boxed versions, you can install it on your server under your brand and many have already switched to this version …
We planned to implement it in our cloud only after numerous requests from users and of course we will do it


I understand but:

  1. Having a server is not for everyone. This can easily go wrong. There’s a lot of security concerns with having, owning and operating a server, especially when users are signing up with their data. Perhaps consider that you’re very biased about this because you’re a developer or a technical person. Pushing people to have a server, when they are not qualified for it can lead to them having a very bad experience with Moxly, which is not what you want.

2)Moxly is advertised as a builder to build MANY apps. Even with a boxed version, we get ONE custom domain. Am I correct? Would we need to buy or not install one boxed version for each custom domain we need?

Personally, I would pay monthly for custom domain and for extra storage. 1200mb seems like extremely small.

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I promise you that we will implement this opportunity as soon as possible.

As far as the boxed version goes, it’s more than white label and it’s not just about changing the domain. In this case, you have a completely open source code and there are many more advantages, but this is of course more suitable for large companies.

Love on the search components addon works. It can be use to search all database inside the apps right?

Thank you. I look forward to it.

Remember from a marketing perspective, the second headline in your homepage is no-code and low-code. Many people have great app ideas and good marketing knowledge but low budgets and low technical knowledge to start/test an idea. So, they will come to Moxly to do it themselves because they read ‘low-code & no-code’ and they think “This is perfect for me”. The next thing they know is that they are being pitched to get their own server if they want to really publish their app under their brand. For marketing people, it’s not about domains, A records, CNAMES, etc. For them (including me), it’s about branding. It is a big jump from no-code low-code to running a server. So, you may want to think about whether you have two different audiences (with some overlap) to sell to and how to approach it. I would like to have a boxed version, maybe in the future, but maybe that would be distracting myself from the app that I want to create in Moxly.

But again, thanks for promising to implement CNAME

Some related question to my previous comment, Ruslan, if you may, please:

1)how many registered users does it take, with or without a profile picture/avatar to fill up the 1.2GB of storage?
2)how much is it to buy extra storage?

I wish all the success in the world to Moxly

Yes, search is used for created databases, when creating a database and fields, you specify whether it participates in the search or not

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Good question, we haven’t actually tested this, but you can experiment by adding 10 test users

The cost will be $0.2 per 20mb

The cost will be $0.2 per 20mb

Thank you. Monthly or one-time?

monthly / yearly , we also need to maintain servers for high performance

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I can attest to that. I’ve had to reinstall my server 3 times already.

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@dreary Sorry to hear that. Did you get hacked?


I would hope that if we buy more storage the price goes down because at this rate, 1TB would be $1K/mo. And $1K can buy several 1TB SSDs every month.

it is a good news specially search.
if search was work before i can make a lot of applications.

New GRID component, this will be available in the new canvas version

The new grid will eliminate problems with the alignment of your elements on the application page


thanks, this new canvas works is more essential than others :heart_eyes:

When do you expect this ‘canvas version’ to come out?