Not sync to phone with changes in builder and alignment issue

I downloaded the apk and tested in the phone. Then I notice when I change something in the builder, it does not sync with the app in the phone.

Eg the header format as attached photos shown.

Does it mean it does not sync and when I change a single slight change, I need to regenerate new source and upload to app store/ playstore?

I hope it syncs in the phone whenever we make any changes in the app builder.

Another thing is the alignment of wordings and images.
I don’t know how to make it looks perfect for each type of screen size whenever we test the apk in different phones. Impossible we need to keep adjusting as it may fit this size but not another screen size.
Eg. “Don’t have account” in login page in the builder looks different in the phone.
Is this something the builder need to improve?

Even the login button and register now is different in the builder and in the phone. Capitalise in the builder but small letters in the phone.


The page code can be static or dynamic. It’s pretty simple: static content is content that is hardcoded into the page, such as a button, image, or text. Dynamic data is updated online, upon request by the user through a CMS or some external database.

You build your design once, then you only manage the content from the database. Therefore, every time you are going to change your design, you will need to release an update.

App Design and Alignment: We have already announced>>> work on a new canvas, which will include grid and containers, this will fix the display issue on different devices. Working with the new canvas is now a priority

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Hi Ruslan,

May i know when will be the new feature of appointment and the new canvas released? Thanks.

the appointment is ready, we need to improve the canvas so that we don’t have to redo the screen components again later, it will take some time, but it will justify your hopes :cowboy_hat_face: