New release on April 17

:wave: A new release is planned with an updated canvas and new component settings

In this update:

  • New canvas - improved page performance and the way components are dragged
  • Components - added new settings, the ability to add animation
  • The side menu is a new way to create the use of the screen, you can add your own buttons and fields, display the menu from the left/right, open as a modal window, etc.
  • Navigation - improved navigation in the editor
  • Core - improved application performance, updated libraries

This is only a small part of the description of the work done. Check out the new roadmap, we plan to release the next updates with new features as often as possible (1 time per week)

:fire: An update of the low-code editor is planned, a new opportunity to write code using AI and add your own functions without programmers will appear

:cowboy_hat_face: Updated documentation and a video on the settings will be available next week.


I could of sworn I was building that OpenAI feature for the old layout…that’s exciting :slight_smile:

We know that you :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: are trying to actively help and I hope that soon we will be able to develop even more functionality together :face_with_peeking_eye:

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I’m extremely excited about adding AI to help write the low code, no other app builder is doing this. This will give us the edge on allother tools and make it unique that we can build our own buttons and controls using generalized speech. I’ve built about half a dozen tools using OpenAI’s chatgpt so far and it is the most amazing tool.

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If you are releasing one a week soon, will we see all these features including integrated by the end of the year?

We have identified the most important functions and it shouldn’t be long. With the introduction of AI, you will be able to do more without waiting for our functions

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very true, once others learn it there wil probably dozens of them out there :slight_smile:

The new blur animation for page transitioning is nice.

Is this update coming out today (17th) for all including SaaS owners?

Hi, Yes, now we will test the download of the update and make a release for everyone

Does the new documentation come out today ? :slight_smile:

Maybe today we will see documentation? :slight_smile:

Most likely we will prepare it by Monday, although I was hoping that you could already figure everything out :face_with_peeking_eye:

Lol, no. I have a reckless tendency to break things. I havent even looked at the files or the structure since January. But I will dive in tonight and take a look.

We will post a new version on github after the next update.

I have a concerning question. Will there be any way to convert old apps to the new canvas after the old canvas is no longer available or will they need to be rebuilt? I have an app that consistently has things added to it. I cannot start building this in the new canvas because we dont have database lists currently which is one of the primary functions of the app. Or will we have a decent transition time when this functionality exists on both canvases long enough to be able to rebuild it without having any downtime for the app?

Nevermind…it seems databases are now available in lists :slight_smile: You guys are awesome.

you will need to create a new application, then change the bundle from the old one and update it in stores

Will the Simple Card List have access to the database soon as well?