New features in the next release

  1. Video and audio components can now work through the database.
    The ability to customize styles and colors has been added to the audio player component

  1. Integration with Google sheets completed and planned for release in the next version

  2. Subscriptions and in-app purchases. Create and publish new paywalls without hassling developers and designers ( already in development )


Thanks, patiently waiting for this =)

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When do you think this feature will be available?

in this issue it will be, maybe today or tomorrow


Now that the google sheets is in testing for the community, where do I go to access it? I looked in Databases as well as google api section and did not see it.

Nevermind. As soon as I went back my admin panel refreshed and there it is. I just need to understand how my api would work for all users.

Now that the API is setup, no matter which sheet I try to use i get this error.

Instructions for boxed admins in a group


When you switched to from the nwicode forum my login no longer worked so I had to create a new one.

Added to the group :point_left:

Features already ready for the next release: :cowboy_hat_face:

  1. Profile picture and avatar
  2. Additional fields in user settings
  3. Subscriptions / in-app purchases
  4. Google Sheets Feedback
  5. Hooks
  6. Button to disable arrows on the canvas

Will we be getting canvas resizing horizontally as well?:slight_smile:

we plan to improve the canvas after the implementation of components for commerce, booking, etc.