Moxly updated to Capacitor 4

Today we are pleased to announce the upgrade of the Moxly Capacitor from v3 to version 4.0…

This new major version brings not only a bunch of bug fixes and improvements to the overall codebase, but also bumps the minimum SDK targets to support new Google Play policies.

Capacitor is performant and built on existing web technologies
At its core, Capacitor is built on top of the native system WebViews. There have been huge performance increases on the web in the last five years. Capacitor performs similarly, if not faster to React Native and other cross-platform solutions when rendering UI. When it comes to raw JavaScript performance, Capacitor allows access to the fastest JavaScript engines available on mobile. Capacitor uses V8 (JIT) on Android and Nitro on iOS.

You can learn more about Capacitor here >>>