Modules and Components Directories

I am trying to upload to my SaaS a System Module and I’m using the documents and structure linked from to github and the folders do not currently exist in the directory structure. It is simple enough to make these directories and add my module but I am reaching out to see if perhaps the file structure has changed since this documentation or not.

This is outdated documentation, we will update our github soon with a new version

Will the files be similar? I spent the last week or so building this thing. How soon is soon?

How soon is it soon? :grinning:

Our competitors have all received investments and even they are not developing fast. We work at our own expense, so we are moving slower than we would like. I hope the moment will come when we will be able to hire additional developers to satisfy all your requests

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Give me the documentation and I will build onto it.

We are already finishing with a new version of the canvas, there is a completely different structure, wait for the release. I also want to say that if you are trying to connect OpenAI, then you will not be able to do it in the module, you need to add libraries to the angular itself on the platform

I was adding it to the system module. I have it setup to divide the code into each code type in the low code section. Making it easier for people to use low code.

So you just click on OpenAI on the side menu, tell it what you want to do and it writes the code and tells you which field to put the code in.