Minimum Requirements for Importing Externa Ionic Projects?

Hello There !

I would really love to import one or 2 of my Ionic Projects i have worked on in the past, while theyre a bit dated, thety both Angular/Ionic, with few common Cordova plugins (I/O, geolocation, etc).

I assume i would have to upgrade them to the exact same version of ionic/angular and so on to the exact same versions running on moxley at the time ?

Is this a feature that is specifically for Moxley created projects reimporting only ? Im sure i read somwhere that we can bring in anything, but i get errors everytime, (no messages, or trace, b ut i assume is a versioning issue).

So regardless of above, what if i had to export a base moxley project, then attach my custom models/views/typescript & css. Or what would be the best way to get my app into moxley ? (its really basic nothing fancy)

Thanks alot !


We use ionic 6 + Capacitor, we have abandoned the use of Cordova

It will not work to import your project into Moxly, you can only export ready-made code for Ionic from Moxly and continue working with it.

Second option (instead of importing your project), you can create screens and structure your application and then use Moxly’s low code editor to make any changes or write your own functions

Soon we will publish a new open source version in github and documentation for creating your own components


Hi ruslan ! thanks for speedy response :slight_smile:

Just to confirm, the import feature, can i export a project today, and reimport same zip/project afterward, back into moxley…as a means of archiving. Or for now at least, is just 1 way export.

On a sidenote, i just wanted to commend you guys on how far you have come, since i last dropped in back in December. I knew then moxly had potential. but it’s safe to say that as of right now, you have exceeded my wildest expectations <3 And finally a no-code/low-code solution that is both intuitive & flexible… it is truly a rarity in my experience :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks alot for everything, & best regards…

We have an import/export template made on Moxly, you cannot import third-party projects from ionic.

Thank you for following us :footprints:

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