Low Code, where to go?

Ok, so as of right now the html module allows you to use html, but when you add js to it you get a broken product. We still have CSS on the left side menu which im hoping we can still use. And then we have the low code section with areas i have no idea what they are used for but I was told we would no longer be using the low code section. Can someone please clarify. Will the HTML&JS function work soon? And is the Low Code section staying and can we currently use it?

There are 3 items in the dialog - editing HTML code, editing SCSS styles and editing Angular code to interact with this block. Angular editing is only for advanced users familiar with Javascript and Angular programming

The low-code editor and CSS settings in the side menu are not supported, all settings are now on the application screens.

I just started creating this app yesterday. Here is what I see. This is after updating sdk and ionic sources

It may be possible that the change is only setup for the 3.0 (Figma version)

new component only for canvas with Figma

:anguished: I will learn Figma I guess…