Is FIGMA and Marketplace in the SaaS version?

Just a quick question, does the saas version already have or will have figma and marketplace as a part of it or do we need to buy them separately from the store?


These are separate products for owners of boxed versions and are not included in the Saas version by default.
The marketplace will be implemented as an addition to the commerce function (which will be available by default)

@Ruslan this is not clear on the SaaS deal page (says complete source code).
I wanted Moxly mostly because you’re developing Figma integration as tools like Adalo don’t have it.
That feature (or lack of it) can make a difference in sales.
Would you reconsider giving SaaS licensees the complete deal as mentioned on the page?

As in any other CMS platform, some plugins are created by third-party developers and they sell them separately as an add-on.

Perhaps in the future you will also sell your own plugins and that’s fine

I don’t agree with what you’re saying as this is your website communication:

Figma is listed as a built-in integration.
So now I’m wondering, what else is an addon?

This communication is unclear to us customers, and it should be made clearer.
I bought a SaaS license and now I’m wondering if it was the proper choice as moving forward this could stay a basic product and all other features sold as add-ons. I wouldn’t want that.

Please reconsider.

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Firstly, our platform is also used by customers who create applications in our cloud, so all functions are available to them.

Secondly, we cannot give components for free to all users of the boxed version made by third-party developers, is this completely absurd, or do you also use all plugins from third-party developers for free on Wordpress?

@Ruslan, you are missing the point.
You say that it is built-in, Wordpress doesn’t say that. Here´s how they advertise it:


You don’t call these plugins, you call them built-in integrations.

And I get that you have cloud customers, as I was, but if you say to them that to have custom domain (for example) they must have a SaaS or Studio version, you must also inform them that the software features are different for those licenses.

Without it, people buying a SaaS license will make an assumption that it’s included.

Look, I won’t insist on this.
Accept it as customer feedback.

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