Installation Guide

Hi Ruslan, I can’t find the SAAS installation guide, do you remind me where I can find it?


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Thanks Ruslan,
Do you guys offer service to install on our VPS?

yes, we can install the platform and set up the server for you, please contact our support

Where did the installation guide go?

did nwicode sell to moxly?

my license doesn’t work, its same server, same ip, I sent them all this info and they said to update nodejs. I replid with it is up to date.

I can’t follow the installation guide too.
Here: Installing Moxly CMS

There’s an incompatibility between NodeJs 14.20 and the current npm package, so I get stuck.
Any other SaaS license member has been able to install Moxly since update 1.4.1?

There can be no problems with the release of the version 1.4.1, it does not affect the installation in any way

  1. Be sure to make sure that you are using the PHP version 8.1 (not higher) check installed version: php -v

In some cases it may be necessary to configure your domain mode settings ( Apache or CGI) do not use PHP-FPM mode if you do not know how to configure