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Thank you for choosing Moxly as your application development tool… :cowboy_hat_face:

To improve the functionality of Moxly, we need your little help. Please share your ideas that you want to implement in a mobile application, tell us what features you lack and what we need to improve.

It will be easier for us to take into account your needs and focus on the development of the most requested features.

We will select the best ideas (which will get the most likes :heartbeat: ) in the TOP and our team will help to implement it together with you.

So, your idea, our development help!

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I suggest disable the first page
It is not useful at all and causes a problem with applications
The only thing that matters is the splash screen, which is available separately

:star2:City places directory :star2:

  • Users can add their own places from app side with monthly subscriptions.

  • option for premium places for additional fees (on top of search - on top of categories- on suggestions- ….).

  • admin can form several places types in which user can fill with his own data from app (restaurants - clinics - malls - companies- offices - ……).

  • admin can specify pricing for each places type subscription fees.

You can view example of that Wordpress theme Home Static – WilCity


For me, best if Moxly can focus more on ecommerce features.

i had been personally survey the market and majority of customers that want to build app is asking about ecommerce feature.

They need their own online shop and most concern is about the payment gateway and variation things.

Maybe moxly can sold separately plugin for few payment gateway integration like in my country ‘Billplz’ is most prefer

Than i believe we can keep promoting and give solution to business owner to use moxly app builder. i believe this to be unique compare to others

Other than ecommerce enhancement idea.

i love if moxly can consider to develop forum components (maybe can be part of database components) where users can post and have moderation and essential settings.

maybe can look at this demo for r&d for which elements in the forum can be implement

Thanks Team!


Please develop a function where users can take picture and upload and save in the app for their use.

Please create a share button function as well where it can be shared the specific page or object via social media.

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I am a software developer in 1c, my main clients are stores, warehouses, logistics and transport. I lack the function of scanning a barcode, getting location coordinates and getting registration data (id, email, phone). In the previous version that I haven’t switched from yet, I had this. Not fully but…

I suggest adding additional options to the button
for example
Possibility to share the application
Possibility to close the application
The possibility of evaluating the application

Also, when you press the Back button, you can add an exit option or any other event

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Different types of data entry fields. To allow users to interact with the app they should be able to type in information. I think a text field, number field, etc. should be implemented.

This already works, use a custom form and your database

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Thank you for listening to user requests.
It is a very productive way to create an interesting product for many people.

On one hand, I am very interested in advancing the usability of the builder. Most of us here are used to being able to place elements anywhere, usually centered. But in addition to this, it would be interesting to be able to create groups of elements and layers, to be able to better organize these elements on the screen and control their behavior. As I understand you are already working on this.

On the other hand, it is vital, not only to comply with the cookie policy in Europe, but also to offer users the possibility to partially or totally reject these cookies. Countries such as Spain or Germany are more restrictive and it is not enough to inform about their use. I do not know if this applies to native apps, but PWAs must certainly meet the same requirements as web pages.

We will closely follow your progress and propose new features.

Thank you!