i need help please

dear sir
with respect
i am your customer. and i am interesting to know every new functions in construction.
i study all docs in academy MoxLy Resources
but there’s a lot of functions still not find their
how can i find a docs or videos that can helping me to understand how to use your construction?

other question please:
is all functions is ready now?
as i am an owner for SAAS can i open this business to customers ?
or it is not ready yet?
as main functions like online shops ext?


In the documentation, we add only functions that require settings, gradually we will add all components and functions.

Links to the Documentation and our YouTube are in the community footer. Also join our telegram chat to follow the news

If you are the owner of the boxed version, please send a request to join the group Corporate group - MoxLy | Community

dear sir
thank you for your asnwer
i am an woner for box version and i send to join a group.
i well study their information.
is their a way to give me contact with manager to help me to understand everything i well pay for him.
i can speak Russian language.