Guidance on offline player

Hi, everyone. I’m just starting with MoxLy. I learned in the AppSumo Q&A that is possible to have videos and audios be played offline, with PWA and Mobile apps (while waiting for the component being updated).

Does this mean that I should use the lowcode mode to do everything myself, or is there a possibility of using some facilitation offered by MoxLy?

Are there any guidelines that someone could point me to?



PWA by default it will work offline, you can try to create and check

Hi, Ruslan. The only video component is the youtube player and it doesn’t seem to be capable of working offline. For the audio component I can’t try it, because it still doesn’t work (BTW, do you have any ETA of releasing a version with the bug fixed?)

So, any guidance on how to have video and audio working offline in MoxLy?

Yes, I forgot to say that files should be uploaded offline (for example, for audio, you need to add a file and not a link), YouTube will not work, since it requires an Internet connection.

We have planned the possibility of adding files, as well as a separate component for the video

The audio component will be working soon, we are already working on updating the plugin from ionic

audio component already working

Where should I upload my audio files?

Now there is no way to use files, we have added this to our task

Can you give an expected date about file uploading? Does this also apply to the apps for iOS and Android?

The components are common to all devices.

We can’t name the date yet, until we finish working with updating the canvas.

OK, indeed I had misread Gagik’s answers on AppSumo. But is it possible to implement a caching system so that after a user downloads the audio file from an url, then he can continue to hear it even in the absence of an internet connection?

to be honest, we did not think about this option, we will try to find information about the possibility of using it and if it works, then we will implement