Figma in Moxly (in development )

A new version of integration with Figma is coming soon :fire:

Create a unique design of your application with excellent UI
Separately, we will release our FIGMA plugin, which will simplify the creation of your screens.


When will this be re-released?

we don’t have an exact date, we are currently working on enabling settings (actions)

You guys have been running into some hurdles recently I’m guessing. At one point you guys were talking about weekly updates and at one point we saw them but we see them maybe once a month now. It’s gonna be a while until we get back to where it was before the canvas change I guess. I wish you guys luck.:slight_smile:

it was decided to do full integration with figma, it’s not as fast as you would like, which is why we are not doing other updates yet, because the form of actions and settings will be changed

after the release of this release, we will be able to release new versions faster

Ruslan, it’s not whether it’s as fast as I want or if it isn’t I was just pointing out that we were once told we would have weekly updates and we did for a while but we no longer do. Any kind of update would suffice. You could update us on the community forum and tell us where you are on a specific project or what decisions are being made in regards to a feature. It doesn’t have to be a upate to the app builder. The last thing said in the community by anyone from moxly was July 20th…almost a month ago. I won’t be building anything until I have a search box. So I wait patiently like all of us I guess. When we were waiting for just the beta of the app builder you spoke with us daily. Unfortunately once Moxly became the primary concern and not the community we have seen less and less communication. I don’t like being the one to say it out loud but think about how little activity this community has…It’s literally just you and I with a few other ppl chiming in on the rare occasion. Github repositories have more activity than this forum.

I have asked for documentation and I’ve been told on numerous occasions that it is around the corner since before the new canvas (you said it would release then). We get that and I will hire developers to build the tools I need and provide them on here for other SaaS owners to help grow the tool, but again…I wait patiently.