Error in generating APK

Hi, can anyone help me, Im not able to generate APK for my app, I always get an error.

Please see my log file

Check the footer settings, if the tab is active, then the action must be specified

Hi, Thank you so much, it’s working now after specifying the action.

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Great, glad to help :cowboy_hat_face:

Now when I try to generate anything I either get an error or it says it completed but doesnt provide a link. Does the cache or the server need to be cleared? I cleared my local cache already and same issue. How do I resolve? This is after ‘WEB’ was just completed successfully

The problem is not with the cache. There may be several reasons, a previously used page has been deleted, transitions and actions are not configured when using the footer, etc. It is impossible to give you an exact answer without viewing

but with a successful build it should show link should it not? I guess the question is does this work with all builds? WWW, PWA, Android, etc?

If the build is successful, there will be a link, if the link does not appear, then there is an error