Discord or Facebook Messenger Integration

Discord and FB Messenger are both free to use privately and for businesses. The offer HTML or JSON embed codes so that we may embed them into the tool. This would allow us to have a chat system that we can use to communicate with our users. It adds the button as an overlay in the bottom righ corner and is non intrusive. I added this to siberiancms in a matter of minutes by just editing a json file. I think it would be a great addition.

We have our own code component, use it

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I can’t seem to find the chat component. I’m not looking for AI like ChatGPT but rather a real time chat that a user can initiate and chat with the app owner.

we don’t have this component, we wrote above that you can use third-party chats by inserting the widget code.

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I’m confused. The only comment above this one is “We have our own code component, use it” What are the widget codes that we can use?


Custom HTML block

Gotcha, I see what u did there…

A little more patience my friend and soon AI will help you write code and use it in your application.

I started using chatgpt to write code for everything else. Have u seen usegalileo.ai? You just type what you want and it builds the UI for you with layers and all.

We need to get that as well integrated :slight_smile:

It’s great, we’re following a lot of tools, there are a lot of things we’ll be applying in Moxly.