Browser cache refresh for every app change?

Do I need to clear my cache everytime I want to see changes I have made to my app when I rebuild it? It seems to take forever to see my changes unless I clear my browser cache everytime. Is there a way around this? Adalo, Bubble, Glide, they don’t have this issue. Any idea why my SaaS does?

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It is not clear what cache you are talking about, if you have made changes to the application screens, then you need to update your apk or build. If you make updates to your dynamic content, such as a database entry, then it is updated online

When i make changes to the apps and rebuild them the changes don’t take affect. I have to wait for a few hours and retry until it will show the changes on a later build.

This is the first time I’ve heard such a thing that changes would come in a few hours

I turned off the server cache and it no longer takes as long. I had the server setup by nwicode but nginx server cache was enabled. I disabled it and it seems to show the changes quicker.

hello today i face this issues here at moxly
i waiting 5 hours but my changes don’t take affect