Audio component not working

Hello, everyone. I’m stuck with a problem.

When I insert an Audio Component, the building process ends up with errors, whatever output I choose (web, pwa, apk, ionic).

Step to get the error:

  1. Make a new app;
  2. Make a new page;
  3. Draw an audio component on the page;
  4. Go to Audio Player Settings
  5. Fill the song url field with an accessible url containing an mp3 file;
  6. Fill the image url field with an accessible url containing a PNG or JPG file;
  7. Fill the song title and the song subtitle fields with any text;
  8. Press Preview
  9. Try any building button

You get always this kind of error log:

Do anyone encountered this problem?
Anyone used an audio component successfully (at least after November '22 update)?


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