Appointments (promo)

Appointments is a feature with extensive customization options that allows customers to make appointments with you through a mobile app.

The application is designed to be flexible enough so that it can handle any enterprise work flow.

  • Customers and appointments management.
  • Services and providers organization.
  • Working plan and booking rules.
  • Google Calendar synchronization (planned)
  • Email / Push notifications system.

This feature will be expanded gradually with new features and additions. :cowboy_hat_face:

The settings documentation is here: :point_right: Managing Content


Do we know when this update is coming out?

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Hi team, can know the next planning to update on this appointment as really nice feature so far?

or maybe at least the small improvement like adding more timezone as currently only have 5 options


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We will definitely add it, test it and let us know what else needs to be improved

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