Added Search Function when choosing to use font awesome icon library & added option to use custom image icon

Hello, suggestion to add search function section on top when choosing to use library icon inside any related components such as button and so on

if not mistaken, Moxly is using font awesome icon library integration right? which version?

will be the best if also put tooltip/link to the official library name so that users will easily find the specific icon name and search inside the loaded icon part inside moxly as there are a lots of icon that need to scroll down

One more, if possible,

can we also have custom image uploaded from Moxly media manager library or from our desktop with set size rather than we only have option for icon using font awesome icon only

hope team can check possibility and put in roadmap if this idea is worth for improving user experience of Moxly users when building app


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missed this moment, thanks for the hint,

in the next release we will add search by icons

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