About Updates/Upgrades

Hello, just wondering, I haven’t seen any updates/upgrades to Moxly for the past few weeks. Is there anything coming soon? I have the SaaS version - Boxed Version. Thanks.

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It’s been almost 3 months

The update will be available within a few days

We have done a complex integration with Figma and added new features

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How long would you say we have until the new components and the FIGMA update? I was testing the FIGMA 3.0 build and I saw that at the moment we cannot add additional components or pages if you use the FIGMA 3.0, will this change?

we plan to release an update this week

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That is very exciting. Can you give us an idea of the new features you are adding?

New low code, one of the main functions, there is a video, but there is no way to add a file, only in telegram

That sentence is confusing

YOUR CODE component

There are 3 items in the dialog - editing HTML code, editing SCSS styles and editing Angular code to interact with this block. Angular editing is only for advanced users familiar with Javascript and Angular programming

So will the low code section in the left side menu be removed or will we be ableto add code there as well?

yes, the old editor will be closed, the new component is more convenient and has full support for angular, we will also implement AI there

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That’s great. I didn’t like the old editor at all.

Is this new update today?