A new improvement is already in the next release

The new release will include backup and restore, as well as import and export of applications

Up to 3 copies will be stored (by creation date), which can be restored or downloaded to the desktop.

Templates: You can create, download, upload to a new application or transfer to a client. The template will store both the design and all the data (database, users, etc.)


Do we know when the next update is coming? I haven’t seen anything in about 2 weeks :slight_smile:

3 weeks and counting… :frowning:

We have already done a lot of work inside the platform in these 3 weeks, but we cannot release updates for everyone with unfinished functions.
Here are just some features (which are visible to users, I will not list the changes in the platform code):

  1. Application backup
  2. Import/Export of templates
  3. Internal and external API
  4. New work with the lists components when connecting to databases (simplified use of macros)

Right now we are finishing work with the AI editor to write our own functions and as soon as we complete it, we will release a release

A little more patience :slightly_smiling_face: